Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Have Skills, Will Travel

So someone give me a job! I mean, I'm seriously good at what I do! With all the talk of the underground here, I'm getting concerned that I might be promoted again and then I'll have to stay here. What's a girl to do?? If you have pull in the education arena, I'm willing to move to the following states:

Tennessee (I just like it there..Elvis liked it too.)
Colorado (What ISN'T to like there? Plus my BFF lives there!)
North/South Carolina (I like them. They're "southern people")
Arizona (Only in the northern regions...I don't want to live in the southern desert)
Virginia (Granted, Dyckerson lives there, but it's generally a nice place. Near the beach, please)

I might also be persuaded to move into your mansion and be a "kept" woman. Send me your financials, and I'll peruse them in my spare time. Oh, and you must love dogs, particularly my dogs, and they must love you.

Okay...I'll just wait here for the offers to roll in.....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Reality Bites

Holy shit, is there NOTHING else on television except reality shows?? I'm fucking sick and would like to find something, ANYTHING worth watching that does not involve imbeciles saying and doing completely moronic things for their 15 minutes of fame. Did you know there's even a Reality Channel? What the hell? A whole channel dedicated to nothing but shitty reality shows? What's next? A channel for people rejected by reality shows?

When I got home last night, Tivo decided to record some reality shows for me in my absence. Now, I know what you are thinking: Tivo chooses for you based on your past tv viewing habits. Listen, I watch Dancing with the Stars and The Amazing Race. Every once in a blue moon, I might tune into American Idol and the trainwreck that is always The Bachelor/Bachelorette. But Tivo, in his infinite wisdom, decided that I needed to watch some new reality show called High School Reunion. Let me just say, how they could get people to do something so stupid, I'll never know. Maybe it was the free 2-week stay in Kaui in a fancy resort? Who knows? What I do know is that nothing is more pathetic than to hold some stupid grudge from 20 years ago in high school. Well, maybe the one thing more pathetic than that, they are fighting and crying over it on television for the whole world to see...and using their real names. Or maybe it's the fact that I watched the whole first episode. Dammit!

At least there's Netflix...

**I'm tired of being sick...can you tell? Hope everyone is staying healthy and happy!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I'm Blue (and Still Seeing Red a Little Bit Too)

No one wants to hire me out of Mayberry. It's like I've been sucked into a black hole and can't get out. I had this phenomenal opportunity early in the week for a job that was tailor made for me, people. I mean, it's like they wrote the job description by peeking into my head. So I spend two days with these people. I tell them about myself, my educational journey, my vision of the work ahead should I actually get the position, yet I am not getting the position. The first day, which by the way was a LONG fucking 7am-8:30pm day, I had them in my hip pocket. I'm an excellent read of people...seriously, ask anyone. I KNOW when they hang on your words, when their questions are designed to slip you up yet you blow them away with your answers. And after that first day, it was obvious that I had them. Hell, they were already talking to me about WHEN I start the position, not IF. The second day I was really ready to seal the deal. I had a couple of meetings with various constituent groups, and then went to finish the day with Headmaster. In all of our numerous phone conversations (read: 5), and then in our in-person discussions, he was really impressed with what I bring to the table. So much so, that even he was talking in "WHEN" rather than if. But on this day, I get "the look", and the starting sentence of, "EVERYONE is really impressed with you and genuinely like you..." shit. Not. Good. So I had to sit there with a stupid smile on my face and nod as he basically told me that while I have everything they want in a person to fill the position, I lack a certain "sophistication" that they feel might impede my winning capacity with the parent population which would make me very unhappy in the position. Excuse me?? When I asked him to elaborate and expand on this observation, he told me that with the economy like it is and the need for private schools like them to maintain and even increase enrollment, that they need someone who is more of a politician. Again, excuse me? Nowhere in the job description or in ANY of our conversations was that mentioned as a prerequisite and mandatory skill. And then to basically infer that I'm some hayseed that does not know how to handle "high-powered and challenging" parents? Pardon me, fuckwad, but I can guarantee there is not ONE family in that school that could be nearly as high-powered or challenging as the parents that I dealt with successfully on a daily basis at the school where I worked in Los Angeles. One person even referred to me snidely as "homespun". To my face, people! My answer to that? I will take that as a compliment since I am proud that I'm down to earth and accessible to others. Everything I have ever gotten, I have EARNED through hard work and sacrifice. I think it is important to live as my authentic self and to not try to pretend or act pretentiously. What I do know is that I was more than qualified for that stinking job, and I now feel as if my time was completely wasted because they were looking for some snake oil salesman to glad hand rather than to ensure that the students at the school were getting the best education that their money could buy. Sons of fucking bitches! I'm not often prone to sour grapes. I think it's a waste of time to blame others for our failures. However, I really feel as if I was blind-sided and totally misled. And I know that I am coarse and inappropriate more often than not on this blog, but it's my outlet, a place where I don't have to censor what I say or how I say it. I don't really talk like this in my daily life, especially not in my professional capacity. I'm really quite articulate and very professionally put together.

Needless to say, I'm feeling completely discouraged and starting to doubt that what I've done for the past 15 years of my working life is of any worth to anyone. I cried all the way home on the plane. I'm so frustrated and don't really know what else I can possibly do to make things happen. This was by far the best fit for me in terms of a job, yet I still wasn't good enough. I'm a good person, I care about people and what I do, and I work hard because I believe in what I do. What the hell more do people want from me??

*Sorry for the whining. I'm feeling quite low at the moment. I'm tired now...