Thursday, December 28, 2006

Things I've Been Wondering About

So okay, maybe because I'm not working right now I have too much time on my hands (God, I love that song!), but I have been pondering some of the most ridiculous things lately:

1. Why is it that eyebrows grow so quickly? I mean, I wax mine one day and it's supposed to last, but I do end up plucking "strays" after 48 hours. I'm not unnaturally hairy for a woman or anything like that, but surely ripping them out at the root should last longer than 2 days. I understand the leg hair issue because by shaving I am just cutting it at the surface, but plucking and waxing involves getting to the core.

2. I have acrylic nails and get them done every two weeks...mostly because I have the puniest, weakest set of fingernails on the planet. However, why is it that my toenails could cut glass? Sure, they are on different parts of the body, but how can one set be so strong and the other so weak? Is there a proven scientific explanation for this? If you know, I'd love to hear it!

3. Why do some people have ears that curve forward? My dad has always called them "doors on a taxi", but I have been wondering why some people have this issue. And why are they almost always oversized ears for the head?

4. Is it irrational to have the fear of being pushed from a moving car? One of my closest friends from college and I used to play the "Top 5" game, and one of my top 5 fears was to be pushed from a moving vehicle. My life is pretty tame by most standards, and even though I cannot think of one reason or instance of this possibly happening, it still makes it into my top 5 fears. By the way, we also played the "Beers" game, in which you rate the likelihood of you having sex with someone by how many beers you would need to have before even considering doing the deed with them. times.

5. Where are all these "Nielsen Households"? They dictate what shows make it on TV and those that tank, but I'm a bit pissed that I've never been considered for Nielsen-hood. I watch TV..I have Tivo...I have three televisions in the house...I've got Directv. What's a girl gotta do to make it as a Nielsen?

6. Why are unmarried men of a certain age termed "confirmed bachelors" but women called "spinsters"? The connotations of the phrases are so different. Confirmed bachelor sounds carefree and fun, but spinster sounds all dark and twisty. Surely the red flags should be raised with men as well as women, right? And, when two men are seen together a lot it's assumed they are just buds but when two women are seen together frequently the question of lesbianism is raised? Don't you find that weird? I mean, it's not like we're out playing with balls and slapping each other on the's shopping and lunch for the love of Mike. Doesn't that seem a backward assumption?

7. Where did the f-word originate? And why is it considered dirty? And what about all the other curse words? Are they unacceptable because someone else decided it so?

8. Why have we still not gone to the metric system? It's so much easier! We have to teach it in schools, yet outside certain professions, it's not in widespread use here in the US. It seems a bit much to have to learn two systems of measurement just so we can keep our name on one of them.

9. Why do some people need more sleep than others? The experts tell us that we should get 6-8 hours per night as an adult, preferably 8 hours, but if I slept 8 hours a night I would feel hungover in the morning...6 is about my limit if I hope to be productive. My sister, however, really needs about 9 hours before she's really up for the day. And what about those people who sleep less than 6 or more than 10?

10. Who is the better rapper: 50 cent or Snoop Dog. And why do I care?

*It's time for me to hit the sheets...this crap just keeps on coming. My apologies for the waste of your time.