Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shitty Neighbors Who Can Suck It!

Hello All! I've been very busy as of late trying to get my shit unpacked at the new place...which I love! Lots more room and a great big yard. I got new furniture, a new washer and dryer, and I'm closing in on my 2nd full week of being here. Which leads me to the latest bullshit. 

As you are aware, I have four small dogs. Now, I've lived several places with these animals, and I have never had anyone complain about them. I try to keep them in line. Recently, I had a visit from the 5-0 regarding a complaint about barking dogs. Of course, this complaint was vague, and I really don't think it was my dogs they were referring to, mostly because one of them had his vocal cords cut, two are old and not easily excitable, but there is one that can be a barker. However, my dogs mainly stay inside, and they aren't barking up a storm at one another. This I know for a fact! Perhaps now is the time I should mention that other than my neighbors who share the other side of the duplex, I am surrounded by people who own dogs. The lady next door in a different duplex has two barky dogs. The people behind me have a rather large dog that barks DAY AND NIGHT. So I find it difficult to believe that, in the short time I've been living here, it is my ONE little dog that is bothering anyone. So I asked the cop to tell me who made the complaint. He refused. I reminded him that I was pretty sure it was public information. He did not take that well. Needless to say, I just let it go. He was a complete dicksmack about the whole thing. Give me a fucking break...a dog that barks is that serious? I can't slap a silencer on my baby all the time...I mean there are times when she's gonna bark. Having said this, I KNOW she doesn't bark or howl or anything like that all day or night. How do I know? My former landlady remarked constantly how she didn't even know the dogs were there most of the time...and my little place sat directly behind her house where we shared the backyard. Shit, I could open my back door and see her bedroom windows.  But I digress. My immediate neighbors next door seem really nice, but the guy does work at night, so I hope it's not him complaining. At the very least, they simply could have come over and told me about it rather than call the fucking cops and report me for noise. Yeah...we're just a house full of party animals out here in Mayberry. Motherfuckers.

So, to you shitty, fucktard neighbors:

Kiss my big white ass and go suck it! You want complete peace and quiet, move out to the back 40 and get out of Mayberry proper. And don't worry, I drove by all the above mentioned places and took down your fucking addresses. The next bark I hear, I'm calling the Po Po on your hillbilly, white trash, small town asses. Mess with the bull, you're gonna get the horns. Oh...and kiss my ass!

*I'm so pissed!