Sunday, January 07, 2007

Two Funerals and a Wedding

So 2007 has arrived with quite a lot of hoopla. Unfortunately, I've already been to 2 funerals...very tragic affairs involving the good dying very young. But things are looking up, as I received a wonderful email announcing a wedding of friends in March, so here's hoping no more funerals crop up this year, eh?

What I really want to know is if people are still actually making New Year's resolutions...mostly because I'm nosy but partly because I'm curious by nature. I made a couple myself. So far, so good in sticking to them. What I normally do every year on New Year's Eve is write a letter to myself outlining the things I want to accomplish the next year, and then I read it the following NYE to see how I did. I'm a list's who I am. Here's last year's letter:

Dear Me,

As 2005 comes to a close, I'd like to make the following things happen for 2006:

1. Find a new job in administration. (I can check that one off!)

2. Get a handle on the debt I racked up due to grad school. (Still working on that one, unfortunately.)

3. Visit my grandparents more. (I can report that I visit them every Sunday unless they or I am out of town)

4. Get rid of the toxic friends. (Now, to be fair, I did most of that in 2004, but I did have some remnants left. One actually passed away, which made me feel very guilty, and I have just given the kiss off to decade worth of friendship with someone who shall remain nameless but scorned nonetheless.)

5. Work on my research for my article to be published. (This did not come to be, as I had zero time to really do, I was really exhausted throughout 2006 for some reason. Maybe I'll finish it at some point. It is not at the top of any of my lists at this point.)

6. Reconnect with old friends. (Yeah! This I was really good on this one, and I even reconnected with my best friend from 2nd grade!)

7. Work on fitness. (Of course, this is but a euphemism for "lose weight", but I felt like writing it that way would motivate me more. However, in the spirit of complete disclosure, I did minimal work on my fitness until late in the year.)

So, Sassy, in one year, we'll evaluate our progress. Let's hope for a banner year!

So there it is. Overall, I'm happy with what I accomplished last year. Of course, I was unaware that 2006 would bring a devastating loss that would color how I accomplished my other list points. So this year, my letter is more condensed, with ony 3 points but with fitness still making the list. Hope you all stick with your resolutions! Feel free to share, if you like! Happy 2007!