Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Somewhat Down But Never Out

As in previous posts, I believe I've made clear the bullshit that is going on in Mayberry and the campus I was "promoted" to. I use the quotes because evidently this was not a true promotion but simply a person to deal with all the shit for a year until they decided to move someone else over there. Yes, folks, it was not a permanent move. I have been deceived, abused, and worked to within a foot of my grave so that the Head Shed could install their golden child. WTF? Here are the highlights of my recent shit storm:

1. I neglected my family, friends, and personal life to take over at a troubled school at the REQUEST of the Sheriff and his minions for the past year. I shuttled out 5 idiots, reorganized the scheduling, instituted some much needed systems, and generally won back the support of the parent community and students. Then I find out that the job wasn't really ever mine anyway. Interim was never removed from my contract language as promised.

2. I hired some excellent staff. They are high performers and professionals. They don't engage in gossip and visit the rumor mill. They do their job and are nice to kids and parents. Unfortunately, there are far too many assholes that have been at the school forever. I hope they don't ruin my people! Additionally, I went through all of the aggravation of preparing a building to be shut down as there are new facilities for next year that the school will be moving into. Right now, all my shit is over at this new facility. I will not, however, be moving in.

3. I was the victim of vicious lies and gossip. I ignored it because anyone that knows me or has worked with or for me knows better. It has persisted and gotten more insidious. I have held my head high and given them the social finger in my mind for going on 14 months without losing my cool and responding unprofessionally. Right now, however, I would love to kick some serious ass and verbally shred some bitches.

4. I have consistently disagreed with the #1 Minion on some key issues, mostly because this person was making judgments and assessments based on looking at some numbers from a test. While I knew it was at great personal risk, I never believed this person would make it their mission to take me down in the eyes of the Sheriff. Guess what happened?

5. The Sheriff has pretty much checked out and left his balls in the pocketbook of #1 Minion. He's working on an advanced degree so that he can move on from Mayberry. He can deny all he wants, but according to my drivers license, I wasn't born yesterday. This leaves me with even greater concern that #1 Minion might be the Sheriff in waiting. Holy shitballs, I'm screwed if that's the case!

6. In this state, test scores are king. The school's test scores this time around were still better than last year's, but there were new requirements to get the ratings you want as a school this year. "My" school missed one of the requirements in one subject area by 2% points (the school would not have even be considered for a higher rating last year under the new requirements). #1 Minion has called this, "No better than complete failure." In two other subject areas, however, the school achieved it's highest scores EVER under my leadership. Who's the real failure here, bitch?

7. There was also an "informal" and evidently "anonymous" complaint made against me alleging that some of the rumors I listed in a previous post were true. #2 Minion, aka Skeletor, was told by #1 Minion to investigate. Basically, the outcome of this witch hunt was that, while they cannot be substantiated, evidently I'm the designated asshole on the Minion Coven's shitlist. I had to sit through a long ass session of having my fucking character assassinated with no recourse. No proof was given but guilt was assumed since someone else fucking said it. I find it fucking amazing that in the space of 14 months I have evidently developed a completely different and most horrible personality. Seriously?

8. At the onset of this "investigation", I obtained the services of an attorney in case they tried to bend me over on such nonsense. He is ready to move forward on some serious shit, but I'm trying to decide if I'm going to commit career suicide and sue for harassment and unethical labor practices. Depending on what they end up doing, I'm possibly looking at walking away from a 17 year career in my chosen field of work. Needless to say, I am a bit stressed.

9. The official word currently is that I'll be reassigned to a previous position, which includes a substantial pay cut. There were threats of possibly trying to terminate. Of course, I'm more than aware that there are absolutely no grounds. This means I would have to take things public, which they most certainly don't want me to do. I might lose a career, but they will lose money, credibility, and possibly their power as well. Due process was not given, and so I could really bend them over a this point.

10. I'm obviously working on an exit strategy with my reputation and dignity intact. I'm currently contracted for two years, so unless I commit some heinous crime, I cannot be terminated. I have done a complete data dump of my email, digital files, and meeting notes from the past 5 years that I'm storing here at home. If I am the subject of any retaliation or harassment for seeking the advice of counsel, I'm set.

All in all, I'm deeply offended, disappointed, and disheartened. It sucks to work your ass off for people and then become the target of some shady bullshit. Think good thoughts for me, my friends. I'm out there again filling out applications and sending out resumes and letters of interest hoping to start anew in a much bigger place. I'm just over this small town Mayberry shit. At any rate, I've learned something from this experience, right?