Friday, May 04, 2007

Shut IT!

Listen up, you whining bastards! Yeah, you know who you are! I've had all I can possibly take from your dumb asses! This past week you have taken me from my normal, positive, perky self and turned me into a ill-tempered, no patience-having, complete bitch! So SHUT YOUR EFFING pieholes. If I wanted to strain my very last nerve I'd either call my mother or listen to Dead or Alive over and over. Both are akin to your pathetic excuses about ill-treatment or the like.

If you'd done this shit last week, my PMS would have forced me to go medieval on your asses. This week, you've just worn me out. So shut the ef up, or I'll be forced to embrace the dark side and tell you what I really think about such petty bullshit. And effing knock before barging into my office!

*On a lighter note, yet another friend is pregnant. I think God is laughing at me and giving me the finger.


  1. Um. Okay. Can I offer you a cocktail? Chocolate? Snuggle? :)

  2. remind me to never piss you off.

  3. Well played darling, well played.

    (hhoooooo ddaaaooogie those folks betta shut they holes)

  4. Anonymous12:47 PM

    sounds like you have been hanging around with Herbert

  5. Cruiser-One cocktail may just not be 'bout 8? And chocolate and hugs are good too...especially if I have 8 cocktails!

    JV-NEVER, EVER piss me off. You are hereby reminded.

    Lindy-They WILL shut it, or I will be forced to verbally shred their asses.

    Fritz-Herbert is fo shizzle.

    I've decided I need that guy from the commercial known as the Office Linebacker. Yeah...he and I could work well together.


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