Thursday, November 01, 2012

Ain't Nuthin Gonna Break My Stride...

Well, well, well. I see that many of you, like myself, have been far too busy to blog. That's okay. I forgive you. And myself. I'm just that kinda gal. I return to you today with some epic news (okay, maybe not epic but still news) regarding my current living situation. After the Mayberry shakedown I received, I decided that I was taking a full 3-week vacation to sort the shit out in my brain. After a wonderful road trip that included Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, North and South Dakota, and Idaho, I decided to make a serious life change. So I applied to several doctoral programs. I got accepted to all of them. I chose the University of Montana. So yes, I'm joining John Mayer and escaping to beautiful Montana. Granted, I'm not going to Bozeman, but I could still blog a John Mayer douchebag sighting here and there. So after months of planning, I'm hitting the road and relocating in 3 weeks. I've secured housing for me and my remaining pups (I lost my Pug and Boston this summer due to old age), resigned effective December 31st (of course, I have numerous personal days that will allow me to leave in the aforementioned 3 weeks while still getting paid because the Head Shed never granted me a real vacation in the past 4 years), and I'm changing my life. Mid-life crisis, you ask? Perhaps. I just kicked the latest man to the curb, so I'm free to pursue any number of virile manly men that the state of Montana has to offer. Mostly though, I'm just relieved to leave. Who knows what will happen? What I do know is that these fuckers can kiss my ass as I walk the hell out. I'll even mark the spot for them. Of course, many people (even those whom I actually care about) have decided that I am crazy, stupid, or otherwise because I'm making such a drastic move. But then again, I've always done this kind of thing.  Sure, I could have stayed here, gotten another job (actually was offered several), eventually agreed to marry the latest BF, but I don't know that I would have been as happy as I am right now. There is nothing more exciting than a new adventure! Do I have a job? No, but I will. Do I know anyone? No, but I will. Plus, I will be Dr. Sassy soon enough with a little hard work and a lot of confession (goodbye, Father Glenn! woo hoo!). So be nice, bitches, and wish me well! Mayberry is soon to be in my rear view mirror! The best part? It was on my terms. Fuck you, Head Shed! I win!


  1. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Wow, Mrs Sassy got a new lease on life. No more nutty buddy kids, and whacked out parents.
    You did win.

  2. I hope you are back to your blog! Good luck with your Montana adventure!!!

  3. Wow. Where in Montana? (Not that it matters). I got here by way of an unrecognized button and an inadvertent swipe on another blog but am impressed and uplifted by your outlook.

    Good luck, happiness, success, peace, tranquility. (If you can't have obscene wealth and power...).

  4. Please...
    Help me find Jimmy Hoffa,
    a NYC mob boss:

    Never found.
    They say he's under the EndZone
    in Giant's Stadium.

    Im his long, lost cuzzn...

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